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Join the first French self-storage network

Why become franchised with HOMEBOX?

If you are looking to join a high-growth market and integrate into the market's most dynamic network (14 HOMEBOX branches at the start of 2006, 70 in 2014), and if you want to benefit from HOMEBOX's expertise (18 years of experience), then the HOMEBOX franchise is for you.

Self-storage, a promising market

This market is moving forward at an incredible speed in France and has a growth rate greater than 20% per year. In the United States, only thirty or so years after the launch of the first center, the networks have rapidly expanded up to today, where they have achieved a level of site penetration for 5900 inhabitants. Same goes for the United Kingdom, the first European country to introduce self-storage on its own soil. The rate of market penetration has today achieved a facility for 75,000 inhabitants.

In metropolitan France today, there is a facility for 250,000 inhabitants. The self-storage business thus has promising prospects, as the concept becomes better known

Who can become franchised with HOMEBOX?

Everyone can become franchised with HOMEBOX. Our franchised businesses range from building owners to entrepreneurs setting out on their own self-storage adventure, or independent self-storage center managers who want to benefit from the strength of the HOMEBOX network.

Our business can be considered as both a main and secondary business.

About the HOMEBOX franchise

How long has the HOMEBOX network existed?

We opened our first point of sale in 1996 and the brand was immediately a great success. Today we have almost 70 centers.

What is HOMEBOX's position on the French market?

We are the leader in self-storage in France. Our performance has maintained a very sustained pace of development these last few years.
Today our expertise is well established and our high-performing centers are profitable.

Will HOMEBOX expand abroad?

We have actually developed our business abroad, notably in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

What is the surface area of a HOMEBOX center?

One of our concept's greatest strengths is being able to adapt to both small and very large surface areas. The surface area of a HOMEBOX center varies between 200 m² to more than 10,000 m².

The benefits of the HOMEBOX franchise

What makes a HOMEBOX franchise?

A global concept that includes the layout of the self-storage center, its architecture and merchandising, which means that you benefit from the HOMEBOX brand image. The HOMEBOX franchise also carries the guarantee of a brand that is recognized and appreciated by customers, as well as sales and marketing expertise.

HOMEBOX also sells boxes for its franchised businesses through a National Accounts service and a reservations service.

Self-storage training school

Each franchised business receives an initial 5-week training course, in which all the aspects of different business areas are discussed, alternating between theory and practice: center management, collection, sales, management and marketing. We also offer training throughout the year and create exchanges. We consider continuous training to be a strategic axis for performance. So that each franchised business (and its employees) can perfect or acquire new knowledge, we have created the HOMEBOX training school. This allows us to offer personalized training that meets network needs. Finally, we ensure technical and logistical assistance during the opening of your center and will regularly follow up on your business: visits, mystery shopping, phone permanence, national meetings.

As a strong brand that is supported by national advertising,

HOMEBOX has a powerful website that is incredibly well optimized for web searches, which generates approximately 50% of contacts from its franchised businesses. We organize an annual advertising campaign of excess pressure to boost the website, as well as an annual awareness campaign. We also organize press relations measures. Throughout the year, we offer our franchised businesses a number of supports and ideas to boost their sales: catalogs, displays, posters

Help with searching for your future center

We help our franchised businesses in the search for their premises, as this, jointly chosen, is a fundamental element. We search for centers that are located as close as possible to busy roads that pass through urban areas of more than 20,000 inhabitants. On this basis and as members of PROCOS, the federation for urban planning and specialized commerce, we have access to accurate site studies in the majority of French cities and commercial hubs.

Help with the development of the self-storage center

HOMEBOX sends a list of standards to each franchised business, so that they can guarantee that our architectural concept, urban standards and security are implemented. We provide our franchised businesses with services that can help them in creating their project. The franchised business has, of course, the freedom to choose the companies that will carry out building works. If you wish, we can also monitor your work (assistance in project management).

Key Figures

What size is a HOMEBOX branch?

A HOMEBOX branch can be 200 m2 to 10,000 m2.
We always consider that, short of 1000 m2, the income from your HOMEBOX business will not allow you to run it as your main business, but as a secondary business.

How does a franchise contract work?

Monthly fee for running: 7% of the turnover excl. tax
Advertising fee: 3% of the turnover excl. tax
IT contract fee: EUR 200 excl. tax / month / station
Admission fee: varies depending on your area, between EUR 20,000 excl. tax and EUR 50,000 excl. tax

What investment is required?

Investment strongly depends on the size and nature of your project (building construction, renovation).
Excluding property, specific investments are around 250 excl. tax / m2.
You should know that the average HOMEBOX project requires an investment of around EUR 300,000 (1/3 personal input).

What is the profitability on a HOMEBOX project?

A HOMEBOX branch is managed without stock with a reduced workforce (maximum 3 people). If the business generates start-up losses (which vary depending on the size of the branch and its market take-up), it later offers a regular and attractive cash flow with a profitability that could exceed 20% of the turnover.

Meet us!
Franchise Service
Email : franchise@homebox.fr – Tél : 3007

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